Large Cupcakes - Assorted
Large Cupcakes - Assorted
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Large Cupcakes - Assorted

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Bliss Cupcakes

Perfect for a gift or special occasion, our freshly baked Large cupcakes come in a variety of flavours.

 Nut-free baking at heart!

🌿 Available in vegan and gluten free.

Please select your dietary preference from the dropdown menu.

Flavours may include:

Chocolate Bliss: Decadent chocolate buttercream with chocolate cake

Classic Vanilla: Vanilla buttercream with moist vanilla cake

Black Velvet: Creamcheese buttercream with chocolate cake

Red Velvet: Creamcheese buttercream with southern red velvet cake

After Eight: Fresh mint buttercream with chocolate cake

Strawberry Bliss: Pureed strawberry buttercream with chocolate cake

Vanilla Flip: Decadent chocolate buttercream with vanilla cake

14 Karrot Gold: Creamcheese buttercream with moist carrot cake

Caramel Bliss: Homemade salted caramel with chocolate cake

Chocolate Flip: Blue vanilla buttercream with chocolate cake

Island Dream: Creamcheese buttercream with coconut cake rolled in coconut shreds

Strawberry: Pureed strawberry buttercream with vanilla cake

Strawberry Lemonade: Strawberry and lemon buttercream with lemon cake

Marble Twist: Chocolate and creamcheese buttercream with chocolate and coconut cake

S'mores: Chocolate graham cookie cake topped with our caramel buttercream and toasted marshmallow

Black Forest: Moist chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and cherry filling