Our Story

"Thank you for trusting us with your expressions of love and appreciation. I'm grateful you're here." 

- Founder, Tareya Green

Unwrapping the Future of Gifting

Arrangeit's Founder, Tareya, knows how meaningful it is to send gifts. 

In 2010 Tareya said goodbye to her family and friends in Calgary and moved to Toronto to pursue her musical dream. She signed a record deal as the JUNO & CCMA Award nominated Canadian country act, Autumn Hill. The first Canadian country act to successfully cross over to pop radio since Shania Twain.

It was a dream come true! The experience of a lifetime. But Tareya missed her family back home.

She was unable to celebrate special occasions with her family for ten years. Tareya missed decade of birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, graduations - you name it - she missed it. All of life's most important moments.

During this time she did what she could to stay connected to her loved ones 3000 km away. She ordered flowers, cakes and gift baskets online and sent them to her family back home.

Tareya quickly learned that being thoughtful was a lot of work.

Online gifting was not easy or enjoyable. Finding quality gifts (especially in other cities or countries) took a lot of online research and time. And delivering gifts fast was almost impossible!

She wished there was a better way.

In 2020 Tareya moved back to Calgary during the COVID-19 pandemic and noticed that, like her, everyone was struggling to stay connected with their loved ones.

It became her mission to make it easier to connect with loved ones through online gifting; to create a better way.

Thus, Arrangeit was born!  An online gifting experience designed to make gifting fun and enjoyable. And with it a new dream that one day being thoughtful will be as effortless as the thought itself. 



Tareya Green of Autumn Hill and Jann Arden performing at the CCMA awards.

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