Social Code


Whether you’re a Arrangeit customer, recipient, Merchant and its staff, or an independently contracted courier, you’re a user of the Arrangeit Platform and Network—and we aim for all users to have a positive experience. This Social Code establishes standard conduct for all users and works towards ensuring a positive experience for all on the Arrangeit Platform and Network.

Safe & Respectful Network

We’re committed to promoting safety and respect across the Arrangeit Platform and Network. As a Arrangeit user, we expect you to do your part by following all the laws and requirements that might apply to you, as well as this Social Code. When we each do our part to make the Arrangeit Platform and Network a positive experience, we’re all the better for it.



We do not tolerate potentially fraudulent activity or fraud on the Arrangeit Platform and Network, and reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove your access to the network if you are suspected of fraudulent behaviour. This may include abusing refunds or promotions; unwarranted disputes of credit card charges; or any attempts to “game” the network for your own benefit.


Fair Dealing            

You’re expected to act in good faith and fairness with other Arrangeit users. Concealment, manipulation, abuse of personal information, misrepresentation, and other unfair practices will not be tolerated.

Forced Labor

Forced labor or servitude is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights, and we take a zero-tolerance stance. The use of forced or trafficked labour, or anyone held in slavery or servitude, is strictly prohibited on the Arrangeit Platform and Network. If you are found to be engaged in any form of forced or compulsory labor, servitude and/or human trafficking, we reserve the right to remove your access to the Arrangeit Platform and Network and may pursue legal action and/or inform the authorities.



As a Arrangeit user, you are expected to put your best foot forward while using the Arrangeit Platform and Network by conducting yourself in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner.

If you are a courier or a Merchant employee, you are expected to conduct yourself in accordance with industry standards regarding the safe handling of Item, proper hygiene, etc.

If you’re a customer or recipient you’re expected to present yourself courteously and in accordance with generally accepted social behaviour.

Losing Access to the Arrangeit Platform and Network

At Arrangeit, we prioritize safety and security of all Arrangeit users. If we are concerned that a Arrangeit user may be in violation of this Social Code or of applicable laws, we may remove that user’s access to the Arrangeit Platform and Network to ensure the security of Arrangeit users. Access may be removed on a temporary or permanent basis.

The following are examples of conduct that may result in removal from the Arrangeit Platform and Network:

  • Breaking the law, such as laws that pertain to the safe operation of a vehicle, handling of personal information, etc. All Arrangeit users are required to follow applicable laws and regulations while on the Arrangeit Platform and Network

  • Unwanted physical contact

  • Discrimination

  • Inappropriate or abusive behaviour such as bullying, harassment, threats, etc.

  • Damage to property

  • Unsafe conduct, such as noncompliance with health and safety standards. Examples include:

    • Merchants: standards and regulations for safe handling and storage of Item

    • Couriers: standards and regulations for safe handling of Item and the safe operation of a bicycle or vehicle

    • Customers and recipients: standards and regulations for clearing walkways, the safe keeping of pets, etc.

  • Non-prescription drug or alcohol usage

    • Merchants and couriers must comply with drug and alcohol laws and standards applicable to you

    • Customes and recipients can be denied deliveries containing alcohol if they show signs of being intoxicated or of being under the influence


If you have any other questions relating to your use of the Arrangeit Platform and Network, we invite you to email us at

Social Media

If you have a concern about the Arrangeit Platform and Network, Arrangeit employees, or other Arrangeit users, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can address your concern! We ask that you refrain from posting harassing, disparaging, fraudulent, or offensive materials about other Arrangeit users on social media.


We are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment and we need your help to keep all Arrangeit experiences positive! If you see that another user is acting in a way that is not consistent with this Social Code, let us know so we can work together.


We may update this Social Code from time to time, as required, to keep up with our growing network! Please review this Social Code on a regular basis to stay updated.