Banana Toffee Pie

Banana Toffee Pie

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Pie Junkie Best pie in Calgary Alberta

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Banana Toffee Cream Pie is a decadent, homemade dessert that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! Filled with a rich brown butter toffee filling and fresh slices of bananas that are then generously topped with a towering mountain of real whipped cream. Enjoy every delectable bite of this creamy, sweet sensation!

Please note: Decorations may vary


Pastry Dough:  Flour, butter, salt, water 

All pastry is brushed with whole egg prior to baking

Whipped Cream:  Whipping cream, icing sugar, whipit stabilizer

Filling:  Bananas, condensed milk, unsalted butter, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, whipped cream


Prepared by one of Calgary's finest local shops and delivered with care by Arrangeit.